About Optivoks

Computers: Hardware, Software, Accessories, Service
Sound Recording: State-of-the-Art Recording Studio facility

Our activities are split in two major parts: Optivoks Sound Recording Studio < and > Optivoks Computers.

It’s amazing how good those two activities combine, and how many advantages are involved.

When we started back in 1981 we never could have imagined how things would change in a recording studio environment, but today it’s a fact and everyone knows, IT (Information Technology or in other words: computers) is the center of every modern recording facility, without any doubt. Because our other business, located in the same premises, retail sales and servicing of IT and PRO-Audio equipment including custom built PC’s for musicians/recording studios/DJ’s … , hence everything related with computers and PRO/Semi-PRO audio, there’s a world of advantages for both the recording studio and the retail sales.

Recording Studio advantages:

  • the newest hardware equipment available.
  • access to the latest software titles and updated versions
  • test all software titles available on the market and discard the useless/bad ones.
  • in-house knowledge and fine tuning practice.
  • in the rare case of an emergency, spare parts available.
  • etc. …

In other words, the studio will always run in the most optimal conditions and with the latest well-chosen technology.

Retail Sales advantages:

  • awareness of what products we sell, a huge difference compared to the typical shops that resell boxes.
  • better support to the end-user, we understand the questions because we work with the same products ourselves in a real world.
  • better tuned machines, our studio drives us to drag the full potential out of the machinery.
  • knowledge and know-how to build machines perfectly tailored to end-user’s needs (no over productivity)
  • follow-up of the latest technologies and best prices on the market.
  • software compatibility and interchangeability between platforms.
  • etc. …

Every day our knowledge is improved, thanks to this unique statement. On one hand we support our customers and we discover new methods of working/thinking about recording techniques, on the other hand we can test and experiment with those techniques in our own studio, this in a real-world environment, a big difference compared to just a test/demo setup.